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My Person

Born in 1973 in Munich, I was raised in Berneck in the Black Forest. I am married with one son, and one daughter.

I completed studies in Developmental Psychology in Canada, in the USA, and in Germany. I have degrees in psychology from the University of southern Maine and the Rheinischen Friedrich Wilhelms Universität, Bonn.

My studies are complemented by extensive work experience as a psychologist with adults in the automotive industry (Stuttgart), and with children and students in education (Frankfurt/ Stuttgart and surroundings). My volunteer work has involved various charities and age networks.

As a hobby genealogist, I have comprehensively researched the history and roots of my ancestors. Through intimate, biographic interviews with older members of my own family, I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and anxieties that accompany aging.

As a psychologist, I commonly use conversation as a technique for exploration and understanding. Many of our conversations can be combined with activities that support exercise and companionship, for example, going for walks or excursions. Some conversations are most productive in your home, for example, when we consider safety in cases of reduced mobility, or when we explore your biography and its reflection. Note, I do not work as a psychotherapist.

My work is based on experiences from different professional fields and with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds; it is influenced by various psychological and healthcare principles and shaped by my own life experiences as a mother and caregiver.


address Switzerland:
Freiherrenstrasse 9
CH- 8805 Richterswil, Telefon 0041 79 613 6091

address Germany: Scheffelstrasse 27
D- 70193 Stuttgart, Telefon 0049 173 4347317