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Finding Perspectives for aging

You value your quality of life and autonomy. But you ask yourself; how can I maintain this as I grow older? Although there are institutions that may support some of your requirements, I consult individually to your concerns, so that you can continue to enjoy your lifestyle as you grow older.

Today aging is an increasingly prolonged and varied phase of change. Therefore, to master the challenge of aging well and to strengthen your mental resilience, you can take precautions, seek guidance, and adjust your daily routine. Aging is not a passive activity to endure, but rather, can be actively shaped to suit your individual needs and wishes.

Because I consult and support on a long-term basis, we can build a bond of trust that you can rely on. I work and consult with a limited clientele; therefore, I can be responsive to your needs at short notice or in an emergency.

Just as trust, care and shelter are important at the beginning of life, these values are especially important in your senior years. Do trust me and contact me to tell me about your concerns, wishes, and requests. I will gladly visit you for a first conversation in Zurich, Stuttgart, or local surroundings.

Complete discretion and confidentiality are assured.


Reinsburgstrasse 159
70197 Stuttgart
phone 0176 31 75 0921